All Else Fails

I built a silly drum beat in Pro Tools and the music came 15 minutes later. sent the idea to Tony and he sent it back a day later with the ‘teardrop’ guitar and noise wash, and I realized how satisfying it is to collaborate on a song with someone who works on your idea when you’re doing something much less worthy of collaboration. Like in this case, there was a pretty good chance I was watching ‘My Name is Earl’ and drinking box wine. Also, a tip of the hat to Lou Barlow for the lyrical theme.

A mighty good version of this song so far was the two-guitars-and-organ rendition recorded at the Band in Boston podcast, details of which will be posted later this week. But at the time I remember thinking how still music is without a rhythm section and how that’s sometimes ok.

4 comments to All Else Fails

  • Hi, I heard your song a while back and I thought it was fantastic. I’d like to ask permission to use an instrumental version of it for a film I’m making about a man who suffers from insomnia.

    Yours sincerely
    Nick Molloy

  • Dan Howard

    I heard an instrumental version of this song with no drums, and no vocals. It was part of a video someone made on Youtube. I really dig both versions, but I’m interested in getting a copy of the instrumental version too. Where can I find it? Thanks! Great music!

  • Daniel Elizondo

    this song is pretty good i heard the instrumental version on a youtube video on the joker from the dark knight but in the video it was only the guitar and noise wash sound i really dig that one made me really want to search up the song to get it but i couldn’t find it so when i typed it on Google this came up, i was just wondering if i can get that version with just the guitar and noise wash it would be most appreciated if you can send it to me and if you cant then please send me to someone that can or a link to it… thank you for your time

  • tony

    Hi Nick,

    Sorry about the delay in response! Feel free to use the song, and please send us a link to your video if/when you post it. Thanks!