Punishing Good Deeds

Entering the acoustic phase. Mike and I recorded what seemed to be about ten hours of guitar lines, bass lines, tremelo guitars, solos…Jesus. I think we had an oboe player come in off the street at one point. We were incubating a Bohemian Rhapsody Jr. And we didn’t even get to vocals. Anyways, point is I took home an intimidating mass of unsynchronized audio files that we probably could have labeled better, and did the intelligent thing and let them sit on my hard drive for about two months so I would forget everything about them and lose all my notes. At some point I actually erased all the files, so I had to find the original CD-R under my sofa and cobble it all back together. A lot of stuff hit the cutting room floor, so to speak; Mike laid down some beautiful guitar lines that I just couldn’t fit into place, literally. Kinda heartbreaking at points. I know John McTiernan went through the same thing making “Predator”.

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