It Begins Well

The Loop Station is a great tool for making a Get Help song, which features layers and layers of sound, like so much paint on a 50 year-old building in the East Village…say, mine. Paint so thick that you know the building will never fall.

Starting with a harmonic track that you can kinda hear in the back of the left side of your head, I built all these sounds rather quickly and then set to give them a decent recording. When I was most of the way through, I realize why it came so easily; it was very closely based on another song, a song whose name I won’t mention, so you can guess if you like. It’s kinda obscure, but I realize I’d heard it within the week, and that took a little joy out of piecing it together so quickly. So I guess this is from our Subconscious Cover Song files.

The line ‘missing man formation’ was the basis for the song; I think that’s something they fly at the end of Iron Eagle. Remember when hating Middle Eastern despots was easy?

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