Cool Gray Oscillating Sequence

In the midst of frustration with a long-premeditated idea that wasn’t coming together, I recorded a D to G transition with a hip-hop drum beat, just to hear something pleasant to my ears. Lo and behold, two weeks and about 40 tracks later, numerous lessons have been learned, about songwriting, computers, panning, and yes, myself. Like we are constantly reminded that the foremost predator on earth is … man … I find it pounded into me time and again that the most spontaneous and least conceptualized ideas usually lead to the most fulfilling results. Also, drop-D is slowly becoming my Water Lilies, if it hasn’t already. It never hurts to think too little about something.

Recent update: this track has been used (in edited form) as the soundtrack to a certain artist’s video reel. Click on the big 3D image to see it in use.

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