Early Hours

Every once in a while I still manage to delude myself into thinking I can encapsulate, in a single song, my obsession with the mnemonic redshift that comes with “growing older”. Once the earth has cooled after such an attempt, I consider myself lucky if I have scraped off something akin to lemon zest. But there are worse places to start from. I think this tune has a lot of zest. It is a salty salute, soundwise, to REM and the Rock*A*Teens, the former a part of my DNA; and the latter one of the bigger muses to my post-doctorate work here at Get Help U: dark, elegiac, inscrutably uplifting. I can’t get enough of those guys.
I spliced a buttload of Garageband drum loops putting this together, and used the Yamaha for the bassline. Reverb makes everyone get along.

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