New Low

We conclude today’s Sasquatch sighting with a new track, ‘New Low’. This is the Get Help wheelhouse of distorted reverb guitars, this is a back-to-base guitar anthem, something you might have heard on a mid-90’s Matador sampler.

This was my first blow-through with my shiny new Pod, a wonderful tool for making music late at night in an apartment with paper thin walls and, uh, thinner-than-paper floors and ceilings.

Everything about this track was invented from finding the guitar sound. I’ve noticed that once I get a particular sound, in this case the distorted-reverb rhythm track, song ideas from my memory banks are triggered, and the song writes itself. Writing in this method usually presents the uncopyrightable danger of completely ripping off a song without realizing it. But in this regard my memory is much like the squirrel’s in autumn, who hides food in multiple locations so that their winter pantry isn’t decimated by a single winter theft, yet inevitably ends up forgetting where they hid 10-20% of their spoils.

In the squirrel’s case, these lost acorns grow into oak trees. In my case, it remains to be seen.

1 comment to New Low

  • Devo Dave

    Peter Buck has said the whole of REM’s Monster wrote itself the same way because of a distortion/reverb box he bought after ‘Automatic for the PeepHole’