The Summer of Help continues

It’s hot in the city streets, and the city streets are hot. Help yourself to two flavors of Get Help this month:

Tuesday July 17, 9pm
PA’s LOUNGE (Band in Boston Residency)
Somerville, MA

Our very first show was at the Band in Boston Flophouse, and its necessity mothered some invention; invention which has left an enduring imprint on how we go about writing and playing our songs. So while we may not exactly owe them our first born…um, no. We owe them our first born. Moving on, this concert will feature the full experience: Bill, Dennis and Dan will be bringing the noise as well.

Friday July 27, 8pm
New York, NY

There isn’t much of story here, other than to say it’s Mike and I performing as a duo, it’s an early show, and we may be joined by some special guests. We hope to see you there.

Oh and because they were lying around, we have posted two more mp3s from our first Band in Boston set: Town Fires and Temporary Speed Zone.

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