…and we’re back!

Hello, one and all. We have returned from a (gulp) 8-month exile from the blogosphere. ‘Exile’ might be a bit harsh, as it was more of a sabbatical. A sabbatical where, instead of engaging in travel, study, and/or the betterment of ourselves, we recorded an album. Well, two. Sort of. Whatever it was, exactly, that we did do, it prevented us from posting to our beloved blog, a situation we intend to rectify, right quick. We are, after all, a ‘blog band’, and to our bog, we must bland. We have not been sitting idly on our hands these past 7 months, no matter how much fun we actually do find in that activity, and have some mp3s ready for imminent foisting upon ye. We thank you for your patience and for keeping up with the site. Details on the aforementioned recordings will be coming soon, believe you me.

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