The Fanged Robot

About 8 or 9 years ago, while on tour in the wilds of Tennessee, The Beatings met a young drummer named Robby, who was performing with us at the Pilot Light in Knoxville in a band called Pontius Co-Pilot. Through some miracle we kept in touch and met again on the next major Beatings run, where he opened for us in Louisville and I think was the first person to do a live cover of one of our songs (certainly the first to do one solo). Since then, the Beatings have made (and lost contact with) many long-distance friends on our cross-country excursions, but Robby has stayed in touch, even as he toured constantly and changed bands, aliases, homes, and states of hirsuteness. It’s hard to keep track of it all. Anyways, he is one of them hardcore troubadours, a rock n roll hero in the making, roaming the USA and playing his heart out. When he steps away from the stage and whatever band he is in at the moment, he is Robby Catholic of the Fanged Robot. Don’t ask me why; I don’t know what hell he’s talking about half the time. But, he stopped by the Band in Boston Flophouse earlier this month and pounded the shit out of his guitar. It’s great. Check it out.

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