Eric Lang

Mike and I have finished recording an album. Our friend Eric is mastering it, and doing a superlative job at that. His enthusiasm for the record, thus far, has only been matched by Chris and Ted, who engineered it. I’m not sure even Mike and I are as excited about the welfare of this album as these guys are. Anyways, I was headed over to Mike’s apartment one night when Eric called to discuss his first roughs of the album, and vent about some technical difficulties that were plaguing us (which later proved to be my fault entirely). He was understandably frustrated. He concluded with the request that since Mike and I were going to be meeting that evening, we write him a song. It was less a request than a sandwich order, actually. I like to think that by saying “yes”, I alleviated his aggravation and made him feel all better (but I really don’t understand Eric all that well).

So we hotwired a keyboard with an air conditioner, gave the singer some 3D glasses, tossed in a drunken master guitar solo, and voila. This is what happens when Get Help drinks and drives. Enjoy, if you can.

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