General Winter

This song was originally conceived one day on the Light Rail when I decided I was going to go home and write an entire concept album in one sitting. If there is anyone left still reading after that sentence, let me just say that I didn’t even come close to achieving this goal. Not even an EP. It was a complete disaster, both in terms of matériel and morale, not unlike the German invasion of the Soviet Union. It was dead on arrival. Fortunately there were no witnesses and I had an alibi. Possibly, I might be exaggerating. Let’s just say if I were going to compose a concept album, this is how it would begin.

General Winter appears on our new album in a somewhat abbreviated form, pretty much as is. In fact, several songs on the new record are supported with the original audio files from either Mike’s Pro Tools or my Garageband recordings. Our producer, Chris Pace, is a madman. A more selfish or less enthusiastic producer would probably insist on re-recording our lo-fi elements. But Chris’s mania for Get Help extended back to the original tracks. The record would have been a completely different beast without his input, ideas, and mixing, and much for the worse.

Digression aside, after I began this song and struggled over the course of a few weeks to envision how it would end, I would joke to Mike about how the next Get Help album would be a concept album with no concept. Or vice versa. Neither joke was particularly funny. That’s why the truth hurts.

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