A Plug & a Song

We recently got a nice couple of mentions from Ryan of Ryan’s Smashing Life. He plugged our recent Boston show and posted Red Jacket Orchards (from our upcoming record) as, well, a song to listen to, over at his recent guest spot at The Plugg.. Thanks, Ryan.

I’m a big Fugazi fan. Not because of the $5-$7 show thing; that was just an excuse for men who were 36 to keep dressing like 18-year olds. Believe me, I’m 36. Those baggy shorts and 20 year old t-shirts prolong your life.

In this song’s case, I was drawn to a Fugazi song lyric from ‘Red Medicine’:

“It’s cold outside and my hands are dry
Skin is cracked and I realize
That I hate the sound of guitars
A thousand grudging young millionaires
Forcing silence sucking sound”

Yeah. That line’s been stuck in my head for a long time–long enough to realize that you could build a song around a piano riff without sounding like Billy Joel, Elton John or Wayne Hornsby. At times, the piano can sound sinister.

PS Oh, and there’s a piano coda on this one, which was a complete accident. But I like to include these for my parents, who paid for piano lessons. Mom & Dad, if you’re reading, I wanted to play Sonatas for a living, before it became economically unfeasible.

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