Little Symbols

One of the greatest listening experiences in the world is We’re an American Band by Yo La Tengo. There are days when it is, without question, the greatest listening experience in the universe — even without headphones — and nothing else, not even Dave Atell’s “Skanks for the Memories”, comes close. Tied for first is Visions of Johanna. If Jimi Hendrix did to Visions of Johanna what he did to All Along the Watchtower, there would be no need for a top 10 songs in the world, because it would be all ten. Probably more. Top twelves would need to be invented. And Mike and I would probably have to shut down the blog, because, why bother?

None of this has anything to do with anything, but every so often I hear Yo La Tengo in the right light and it makes me very happy. Thank you.

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