Freezing Point

Since the album came out, I have found little time to make music. Life kicks in, and months pass by.

A sedative is to take a beloved song and reexamine it. This song is from arguably the best indie rock EP ever released — Archers of Loaf, “vs. the Greatest of All Time.” Will from Get Help told me this was one of the 5 best covers he’s ever heard. How could he be wrong?

Come to think of it, the mid ’90s produced the greatest of all time glut of indie rock EPs. I don’t know what was in the water, but if you’re missing any of the following releases, expect karmic issues.

(1) Archers of Loaf–vs. the Greatest of All Time. Not only the best EP of all time, but by far the best release by this formidable North Carolina band. Catching fire in a bottle is a once-in-a-lifetime feat.

(2) Pavement–Watery, Domestic. I’m an enormous Pavement fan. Malkmus reaches Lennon-McCartney status. But ‘Texas Never Whispers’ is probably the best Pavement song ever. This release is necessary.

(3) Guided by Voices–The Grand Hour. Featuring ‘Shocker in Gloomtown’. The most explosive 10 minutes ever. When my ex-wife used to walk the dog in the morning, I’d blast this to get psyched up for my shit-on-a-stick day job.

(4) Spoon–Soft Effects. I can’t believe this is 4th in the list. ‘Mountain of Sound’ is the response-to-call of ‘Kashmir’, and ‘Waiting for the Kid to Come out’ is Britt Daniel’s RILF (Rockers, etc.) resume builder. Tucked in the end is ‘Loss Leaders’, one of the most unheralded country-rock gems.

(5) Guided by Voices–Static Airplane Jive. Alright, I ran out of bands and am showing my hand. But Robert Pollard’s got a genius certificate for a reason. ‘Big School’ is one of his most anthemic songs. And to go into detail of any of the other songs would be criminal, because they’re all just as good. I will say that RP apes McCartney better than anyone else has with ‘Hey Aardvark’.

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  • Wild that you were on a GBV tear there for a bit – I’m in one now – rereading the Greer book, digging through old files, playing LOTS of Pollard songs on guitar. It’s all there.