As usual, when you start something with a minimal amount of thought and have no idea as to how it will end, it takes on a life of its own, sinks its claws into you, and won’t let you walk away. This one started as a Yamaha experiment, just cycling through the sound dial and learning what this thing can do, and four days later I’m all looping and panning and eq’ing until two in the morning. It would have been very easy to loops three chords, mess with some knobs, and call it night. But once you save a life, you’re responsible for it. Invest enough time in something, say like a three-legged kitten, for instance, and all of a sudden you have to feed it, keep it warm, and make sure it gets into college. So it goes with these open-ended doodlings. You can’t just drop it off at a Nebraska hospital when it starts needing solid food.

If you need to know, it’s a lullaby with a time-traveling theme. We have a painting from the MOMA that pops up on our random header, a little girl running from a bunch of animals, the name of which currently eludes me. Anyway, I like to think that they’re the band on this one. But, if you don’t want to think too much about it, then that’s fine also. Forget what I just said and let it relax you right off the road. As I said to Mike before he heard it: “It’s either very soothing, or extremely annoying. It depends on what mood you’re in.” He said, “Then it’s probably extremely annoying.”

Tell me about it.

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  • Dmitry

    I saw a dream Tony was singing for me and my mother for some money reward, so i decided to check in and see if there are any new songs posted.
    The Reminders isn’t annoying… it just sounds like a soundtrack to Xmas that you’re going to spend alone…, or say, like burial march played on Xmas eve, while everybody’s outside celebrating.
    Well… it’s just me :)))