Band in Boston, Revisited: Early Hours

As our handful of faithful readers know, Get Help performed at Andy and Jen’s Flophouse way back in November of ought six. It was an eye-opening performance for us, and was fittingly enough also our first. Their living room and our DNA are intertwined, and I am speaking figuratively, of course.

If you’re not familiar with the Band in Boston Podcast and what they do, you should get over there now and read up. There are pages and pages of great performances, served up in lunch-sized portions, all done in the cozy sanctity of Andy and Jen’s living room, backed up with the requisite toy drum set. Midriff guru E.R. is the Alec Baldwin of their SNL, and our troubadour hero Fanged Robot makes his appearance on their pages as well.

So we returned late last year for another go-round. Our hats are off to Andy, whose skills at the mixing board have gone from impressive to amazing, as evidenced by how skillfully he retouched and prettified our rumbling and bumbling and stumbling into the endzone. He makes us sound better than we ever could ourselves.

We have posted two songs from the session here, but please check out the whole podcast episode for some deep cuts and colorful covers. You have a money back guarantee on 24 minutes of your life, courtesy of Get Help Community Enterprises, LLC.

The setlist: Early Hours, Fall-in-Love-to-Song, Punishing Good Deeds, It Begins Well, (Not) Not a Friend (Sebadoh paraphrase), Red Jacket Orchards, Sugarcube (Yo La Tengo cover).

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