Labor Day

Well thank Prince that year’s over. It’s 2009 and I hope to write more songs than I did last year.

Probably the crown prince of the short ’08 pile was this Labor Day track, which grew out of an obsession with ‘Les Yper Sound’ from Stereolab. Off Emperor Tomato Ketchup, it’s the perfect example of their catchy sound + Marxist lyrics. This here track is instrumental, so you’ll have to come up with your own Marxist lyrics for the time being.

The real draw for me lately is to write songs without guitars playing power chords. I feel like the best those have probably already been written. So it was fun to vamp on some keyboard chords. It’s got a little bubblegum to it, but that just makes it more fun to record.

As I’ve gravitated to lazy, I realize that ending songs is my weak point — like someone once wrote about the novel, there’s no good way to end it, so writers end up either killing everyone off or having the hero & heroine ride off into the sunset. But after awhile, I’ve grown accustomed to not ending songs. When you wake up from a dream, it swirls around in your head for a minute. No one’s ever had a dream that ended “and they lived happily ever after”. At least not in New York City, with obscenely early garbage truck service.

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