So Slowly, She Goes

While going through my Garageband folder, I rediscovered this tune. It wasn’t entirely forgotten; it’s been sitting around for a long time, on and off the ipod, and I’m not sure why the reluctance in posting it. One day I didn’t like the lyrics, the next day, I did.

Technically, the genesis for this song came about from noodling on the classical guitar; I did some detuning and finger picking on the open mic, and managed to get the sounds out of it you hear here. I’m not quite with it enough to classically noodle and competently sing, so I just looped all the parts in a certain order, picked up an old lyric about barrel laughs and black lungs, and went off into the land of going slowly.

When I first wrote it I wasn’t confident in any aspect of this song at all. But now I find the lyrical imagery pretty satisfying, not obscure for obscurity’s sake, and the classical guitar and RV-3 combo complement each other nicely. The lo-fi nature of the track doesn’t hurt, as I am still a sucker for that stuff. I could be rationalizing a great deal here unnecessarily. The long and the short of it is, there is much joy to be found in digging up an old, quasi-forgotten song and finding out it isn’t total crap. Thank you.

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