Warm Gray, Submerged

Perhaps interesting only to me: one of my new year’s resolutions was to organize and compile all the random Garageband tracks I have, born from moments of inspiration, appointed nights of impassioned hackery, and the all-time favorite: drunken, sloven doodling. My filing system is horrid, usually a series of numbers to indicate the date — from which I have discovered my own mild numeric dyslexia — or a “keyword” in the title that I’m sure meant something at the time. As I offload more and more of my brain into my imac, google account, cell phone, and what have you, it is striking how much one can completely forget.

Case in point, this ditty right here. After compiling my list of tracks, I found this one, with a working title of “xmas song”. I spent about four days working on it in December 2006, at my parent’s house in my old bedroom with my laptop and my father’s guitar. I remember my utter frustration that for all my efforts and self-pity, it went absolutely no where. I believe this was the unconscious genesis for another instrumental born of frustration that was to emerge some time later. Either way, I promptly forgot about the “xmas song” completely, much like a squirrel burying a chestnut, until miraculously unearthing it a few days ago.

Upon giving it a new listen circa New Years Eve 2008, whaddya know: it ain’t that bad. It goes somewhere, and it takes its time. It mows the lawn, it has a beer. Over repeated listens on my commute I realized it also works well with most ambient noise one might encounter without noise-canceling headphones: conversation, train whistles, car whooshes, etc. A bit John Cage-esque, I guess, but my attempt to load it down with sound effects was a non-starter. It works better in the natural world, amidst the noise, man-made or otherwise. Give it a go, won’t you, faithful reader? Happy New Year.

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