Get Help @ Rehab Feb 12

Usually we’re not above the sort of puns that could curdle milk in a glass, but when they’re handed to you like this, even we have think twice. A stale cookie might help, though.

Yes, we’re playing live again, and soon:

Thursday, Feb 12, 9pm
Get Help @ Rehab

25 Avenue B
New York NY

Rehab, formerly Club Midway, has been our home away from home, even though we really never settled down to begin with. If you’ve seen us play live in New York City, odds are favorable that it was at this fine little joint.

Get Help now has two new members: Gene, who has been with us for two shows now, and Brian, who will be making his debut on the bass. We hope you will join us in highlighting their fashion mistakes with a laser pointer.

Just a reminder that the nice people at National Public Radio have some very nice things to say about us. Just a reminder. Just saying. No big.

And while you think about that, think about this: are you a vampire on Facebook? We are. Do you cruise the alien lanes of Myspace? We do. Come join us, and see why we stay indoors so much.

And finally, if you don’t want to visit this web site ever again for the rest of your life, it’s okay, we’re cool with that. Really. Fist bump. But before you go, we have to mention the brand new, patented, electronic Get Help Song Delivery System, available on iTunes, which, as we like to say in the fine print, is neither new, nor patented, and is really just a podcast. But it will send a Get Help song to you periodically for free, and in this life, you can’t really ask for much more than that.

Thanks for listening. We should have some new songs in a few days, and in the meantime, we hope to see you at Rehab. You know what we mean.

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