Safe As It Ever Was

A new song for the blog. February and March seemed to go by in a whirlwind: I was busing my butt up to Providence and back every weekend to record with The Beatings during February, crashing on sofas and floors in a manner that no longer suits the mid-30s man all too well. But the good news is that The Beatings have a new album just about in the can, all that’s left is to jump up and down on top of the lid and close it.

But the Get Help machine never stops working, not unlike the Air Force or the Marines: Mike, Gene, Brian and I are rehearsing regularly, getting ready for our free-beer hour at the Trash Bar, trying out new songs, acquiring mood lighting, navigating the bowels of Jersey City.  Mike and I may finally be ready to put behind us the long drives through Connecticut, the mid-morning gigs at the Bridgeport Veterans Association Pancake Breakfast, where winning a gaze from a bingo card was equally as important as finishing the set, and who knows, it could all happen to you, too, if you want it bad enough. But I must admit, sometimes, it feels like it was but a dream.

Which brings us, in non-linear fashion, to today’s post, which I consider a hastily-built-but-charming plywood cabin of a song. The rhythm guitar part was recorded over a year ago, on a Danelectro with rusted strings that has STRIKES AGAIN emblazoned on it in sparkly type. I affectionately call it the “typhoid guitar”. There is something so wonderfully brutal about its sound I may never sterilize it or change the strings, and just let them oxidize into sand. Gene and Brian have not yet hooked up their kit and bass rig to Garageband, so I had to use samples, digital typing plus extensive cut-and-paste to get the bassline and drums. The lyrics didn’t fall into place until last month, for some reason. But Mike fortunately had one of his patent-issue excellent guitar lines at the ready, and it all came together. The synth part, well, we had to make some adjustments, and may have some more down the line. Enjoy.

2 comments to Safe As It Ever Was

  • Dmitry

    What a day for me! Excited to learn that The Beatings’ new album is about to be out! It was a long long silence, guys. Please, make sure it appears on cdbaby )
    And yep, another Get Help song in my collection!

  • thanks for the kind words, dmitri! the new beatings record is not quite ready for release but when it is it will definitely be available on the cdbaby.