Get Help @ Trash Bar Apr 23

Perhaps we’re getting a little too ensconced in the current news cycle, but nevertheless, we’re going to “play the economy card”, as in:  “in this economy, who can pass up free beer?”

We’re pretty sure we don’t know anyone who can. So if you are within the sound of our voice, please come see us, as we will be imminently performing in real time amid discounted suds:

Thursday April 23, 8pm
Get Help @ Trash Bar
256 Grand Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We will be taking the stage at 8pm. Through some miracle of manufacturing we are too sleepy to fully grasp, beer will be free from 8-9pm in the concert room. We understand in some societies this is call a “happy hour“. We encourage all our friends to come take advantage of this golden time, as we will be on stage for a better part of it, hence living vicariously through our audience. We will sow the wind, and you shall reap the whirlwind. Or vice versa? Perhaps we’re too sleepy to grasp this wind concept also.

Oh and while we’re on the topic of “this economy,” who can pass up free music? Before you answer that question, let us answer that question. The answer is: Get Help has nearly 50 songs on this very blog, and they are free, and you don’t even have to read the blog to hear the songs. They are lined up and waiting for you on the internet in podcast format, and if you have iTunes, you can click right here and fell them all in one blow.

If now’s not the time, look for us in the Podcast section of the iTunes Music Store. We’re there, right next to Beach Body Boot Camp.

While you’re roaming the internet, come visit Get Help at our hangouts, we’re sure to be found at one of these joints:
Get Help on Myspace (become a “friend”)
Get Help on Facebook (become a “fan”)

We’d like to thank everyone who came to see us at Club Rehab our last time out, as we ushered our newest band member Brian to the stage. We were sorry to hear that Rehab shut down not too long afterwards. It will be missed, although we kinda dig the idea of devastation in our wake. But as they say: close a door, and a window opens. Or vice versa? Hmm. We’re a bit out of it on the doors and windows thing as well.

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