The First Song On The Next Get Help Album

Good morning. I was going to start this post with the disclaimer that it’s been way too long since I contributed a post to our site here, but I have the sinking feeling that if I went back and looked at my last couple, they’d start the same way. Instead, let me start by saying it’s been extremely, graciously recent since my last post, and hope you don’t go back and check.

I’m happy to announce that since the last post, things of consequence and good fortune have happened: namely, Tony got married this past weekend. We also introduced a new song and a reworked version of ‘Town Fires’ at our last show, which is something we haven’t done in many a moon. That felt good.

Anyway, I’m saluting Tony’s recent wedlock with one of my trademark gloomy songs about a woman and a relationship that ended less than favorably. So much for timing. In my defense, I wrote it months ago and only put the finishing touches on it recently. So I guess my defense is that I have bad timing and chronic procrastination syndrome.

The tongue-in-cheek title is definitely a working one; it has that opening of a record feel but really I couldn’t come up with a better title from the lyrics I had, which means I’ll be rewriting a few of them at some point. But the music is there in spades. This one started with a loop I built on my trusty Boss Loop station which opens the song. It was going to go in a completely different direction; I had a pretty chord progression all picked out and suited up for gameday when I had a change of heart.

Standing in my bedroom with the loop coming through headphones, I started playing the chugging guitar and took it in a completely different, much simpler direction. Every now and then it feels really good to strangle the guitar neck and pound out chords that don’t require moving the hands around a lot. It worked out fine in the end because the loop, a synth and two Tony guitar parts later, it’s pretty drenched in sound. Enjoy. I definitely owe Bob Pollard a taco after this one.

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  • D.

    Yes! A new Get Help album, – that’s what the whole progressive world was waiting for! Make sure Eric Lang appears there 🙂