I Guess, But You Know

Finally, something new for the blog. But we have not entirely been sitting on our buttocks lo these many weeks. As enjoyable as that activity might be, we’ve been working on our live act. Our handful of loyal readers know that Get Help’s recent history saw the induction of Gene and Brian into the band, thus ending our long-distance, illicit affair with Will and Dan from Boston’s Spanish Armada. I also got married to a lovely gal and had a wedding and a honeymoon on a faraway island and all that stuff. Somehow amidst the transitioning of these epochal mile-markers, Get Help has managed to squeeze in some truly enjoyable rehearsals and shows. And we have more coming up, most notably an end-of-summer show with Doug Gillard, who among other things was a long-standing guitarist and collaborator in the greatest band that ever lived. In short, things are going well. And you?

Now, there is a story behind this latest posting that has nothing to do with Doug Gillard but everything to with getting married. As a wedding gift, my wife and I received some kitchen knives. As I quickly discovered, these knives are very sharp; so sharp, in fact, they can slice your middle finger open just by sneezing in their direction from across a kitchen. There was copious amounts of blood and stitches involved, etc., etc. I don’t want to ruin the ending, but everyone lived. To compensate for my inability to strum with a giant metal splint on my finger, I started messing around with thumb and first-finger picking, and after a week of this developmentally disabled guitar-playing, it got somewhere nice enough to record.

I am pretty happy with this one overall, more so than most, just because it seems to stand on its own without any backwards guitars, cathedral-setting reverb, or multi-layered, pitch-shifted, auto-filtered, repainted Garageband samples that took 5 days to line up correctly. Not that I didn’t try any of that stuff, mind you, it just didn’t seem to add anything. Perhaps someday Mike, Gene, Brian and I will do a “get help” on it and turn it into a New Order song or something. Until that day, the only sound effect is the bird, that frickin bird, which was all too real and just outside the window for the whole frickin session. The knives were no where to be found.

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