Big Mistake

It’s been a really nice summer. Not too hot. A bit more rain than usual, but that hasn’t hurt anyone. Down in Virginia where my parents live, they finally got the lawn green. I don’t know how the tomatoes came out, but the string beans from their garden were absolutely delicious.

I cat-sat this weekend. He sleeps 18 hours a day, yet can effortlessly jump 4 feet into the air onto a windowsill between the 5″ gap between the window bars. We had a rousing game of shoelace, which he won.

I rode the Cyclone at Coney Island yesterday. I love that thing.

Things are going pretty well. So I’m not quite sure how this power pop throwaway 2 1/2 minute summer song I threw together tonight ended up with a title like ‘Big Mistake’ and a decidedly bitter lyric. But it’s definitely a summer song, with a catchy melody, sweet bird-chirpy acoustic guitars and what Tony secretly refers to as my ‘Neil Diamond voice’.

This one has a badly played noisy guitar solo that I should probably take another stab at instead of writing about weather, gardens and housepets, but that’s what fall and winter are for.

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