The Pretty Boy with an Ugly Face

I had a dream about this song once. It’s a dream I have from time to time, where the song changes, but the effect it has on my psyche I am sure is invariably the same. I will call it a “songwriter’s dream”, although as far as I know, this is the only supergroup-of-unknown-musicians-with-an-mp3-blog blog to mention such a thing: I am in a supermarket, or an elevator, and instead of having no clothes on, or finding out I am a dead fish wearing oven mitts, what happens is a song comes over the loudspeaker that is all but identical to a song of mine, either finished or in progress. The lyrics are the same, the melody, the chorus, etc., but something is just a little bit different, so the tune is slightly askew in that patented dream-like fashion. I am stunned and left to wonder how I could have heard the song before and stolen it note-for-note without even realizing it. I continue to wander the aisles of the supermarket, or depths of the elevator, feeling like a fraud. I imagine the Freudian analysis of this scenario need not go too far.

Upon waking, however, I am imbued with an odd confidence in my “stolen” melody or lyric, usually just the push needed to get something past the half-assed stage of recording most of my projects founder in. And so we have this song. Mike made the excellent suggestion that I capo this in order to improve the vocals, but for now, the unconscious demands its publication. The dream police shall get their respect.

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  • Dfactor

    Sounds awesome to me! It’s got a little ‘Key Losers’ vibe mixed with old school Appalachia-trad country overtones….and that’s alright with me.

    Next time throw in a 6 minute guitar solo afer the two verses, a la Crazy Horse. THAT would rock. 🙂