Lives we Lead

It’s good to be back!  We had no plans to let this blog languish for as many months as we did.  I hope the time off gave you the impression that we’ve been furiously working on a ever-growing quilt of songs, compositions and structured noise-fray that now bears a slow unfold over the months to come; that our little blog hiatus wasn’t a hiatus at all, or even a retreat, but a mission, a quest to quietly amass. If you didn’t already have that impression, just reread that mouthful of a last sentence until you’re a believer. We’ve been stockpiling all along, see?

Case in point: “Lives we Lead”has been sitting in our coffers for over a year now. Originally slapped together somewhat quickly for the ‘Good Green Earth’ sessions, it narrowly missed contention for our now upcoming album by the simple fact that our stab at ‘officially’ recording it was far too slow. But this version moves along just fine, and offers one of the truer collaborations between Tony and me; Tony had the general framework and wrote the lyric, I made some guitar noise in the background and provided the vocal.

This is one of our lighter entries, which makes it perfect to listen to while huddled around the fire of whatever you’re burning in your home to stay warm in this prehistoric winter.

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