Get Help at Fontana’s March 26, RSS, blog song on the radio!

A quick note that we have a live performance coming up this weekend:
Saturday, March 26, 9pm
105 Eldridge Street (btw Grand and Broome)
New York NY

We will be opening for our buddies in The Fades.

We will be taking the stage at 9pm sharp! Be there, won’t you?

A reminder that you can add our site to your RSS reader, while simultaneously subscribing to our podcast via iTunes, granting you immediate access to all the musical ideas, tire wax jingles and new adventures in reverb we’ve ever felt the nerve to share.

I expect we’ll be adding many more ideas this year, given that the first song we posted for 2011, Lives we Lead, has found its way to the radio(!), airing on 97.3 WRIR in Richmond recently. If you’d told us when we were kids that one day we could write and record a song in a night at home, and people could hear it on the radio a few months later, I don’t know how we would’ve reacted. But Tony still would’ve been like 6’3″.

See you at Fontana’s!

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