It’s Only Your Head

The Good Green EarthHere is some new music for you, one of our more favoritest tracks from our forthcoming album, The Good Green Earth. This song can be downloaded here and is also a part of the worthy package of free music that is the new Midriff Records Sampler, which can be downloaded at the Midriff Records site.

This is the rare bird that has not made a previous appearance on the blog in some form or another. And there is a reason for that, sort of. Let’s go back to Jersey City, early 2008, where a young man sits at a mac with a six pack of Negro Modelo. I wrote this song around the opening guitar hook, piling on chord changes and adding lyrics as things evolved. I was pretty happy with it, it was a decidedly jubilant Get Help song, which was a change of pace. I emailed it to Mike, and we met up at Grassroots Tavern to discuss where the band was going, figure out how many patch cables we’d need at the next show, and write down what our setlist would be should there ever be another GBV Tribute Night at PA’s Lounge in Somerville, MA. Very important stuff. At some point, we got around to the email I sent to Mike, and he said “Yeah, I listened to it, but the end doesn’t work for me. It’s too proggy.”

Needless to say, I hold Mike’s opinion in high regard, and I was consequently dismayed. I pretty much only played “Driver 8” for the first two years I knew how to work a guitar, so the idea that something I considered so REM-ish went over as “proggy” was a disappointment. Sort of like when Tom Hagan told Don Corleone that it was Michael who killed Sollozzo.

From there, the song languished in non-blog obscurity as I tried to rework the last part. But as Get Help morphed through its lineups, and Mike and I worked on more productive collaborations, the song fell by the wayside.

When the time came to record The Good Green Earth, I went through my archives and found it and still loved it. So I sent it over to Mike with the message “I know you didn’t like the ending, so let’s work on it.” He wrote back: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It works for me.”

The moral of the story, if there is one: stay away from Grassroots. Or if you go there, don’t talk about work. Enjoy.

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