You Should Be Home By Now

The Good Green EarthYou Should Be Home by Now is the 8th track on the 11-song The Good Green Earth. Fourth from the last. The “Deep Cut”. If albums were reefs, you’d have to strap on your snorkel gear and swim underneath to side B where the deep cuts live and thrive. Great, great songs survive for years under there, out of the direct sunlight, accessible to only the noblest of swimmers. When we sequenced the album over Presidentes at a terrifying West Side Manhattan bar called the Wakamba Lounge, we didn’t think twice about it. It fit there.

A few notes about the song: this song was all built around the finger-picked four note arpeggio that happens throughout the song. I’m not much on a guitar without a pick, especially a guitar without some mistake-hiding distortion, so it had to be simple. And then it started to grow. Normally before a song gets too far or out of control, I send it to Tony for feedback (guitar and otherwise), but this one had to be just so. I spent a number of weeks adding layers but trying to keep it sparse before presenting it to the band.

On lyrics: I’m not great at writing them. In the wake of auto-tuned testimonials like “tonight’s gonna be a good night”, what else needs to be shared? I pat myself on the back for writing an actual chorus, and coining the term “dressed cuff-to-cuff.”

On the arrangement: our drummer Gene takes every song idea that Tony and I float him, then goes into a studio and writes a drum part for it. He’s been doing it this way since I first started playing with him in 1995. The stuff he does on the toms in the first half of this song is evil genius, and the beat he plays in the big finish (starting at 2:40) is pure glory. So it goes with Gene. We’ve all heard a lot of music, but no one plays quite like Gene.

By the time I get the song to Tony, I’ve probably listened to my demo 125 times. and he comes up with that guitar melody, that part I sing along with every time I listen to it.

So that’s how that song came about. We stuck it at track 8, but think you’ll find it at home there.

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