Get Help on Youtube #1: The Dark Knight

Since Tony and I got ourselves into this licensing game, we’ve discovered that a number of our clips get selected by Youtube posters. To make this blog a little more semi-regular, we’re posting some of the vids that feature Get Help songs.

Let’s kick it off with a clip that was sent to us by Dan Howard. Dan was kind enough to hunt Get Help down after finding this photo montage of Heath Ledger on the set of ‘The Dark Knight’.

Link (posted by batmanjokertwoface):

Song: This is an instrumental, no drums version of ‘All Else Fails’. You can hear the full-band version of the song at our Bandcamp site. But I’m posting the link to the audio clip that’s used as well.

Thanks, Batman fans.

General thoughts: Heath Ledger was a kick-ass Joker; miles better than Jack Nicholson, and truly unsettling.

Traffic: At this moment, the clip has over 546,000 views. Fantastic. And the song got a lot of nice comments from the always-respectful Youtube commenters, which leads into my favorite part of this new feature:

Top 3 Youtube comments:


  • This music make me feel like I’m drowning
    Thescreensaverr 1 month ago 78


@AlienCreatureThing See, that’s where you’re wrong. Have you read the comics? Heath brought in that lip-smacking shit. Heath brought in the slight twitchiness shit too. As far as I know, me being a huge Batman fan an’ all, that’s not in any of the comics. Again, Heath did an incredible job and deserved everything he got in terms of recognition, awards etc, but, he cannot top a voice that was Mark Hamill. If Mark Hamill played the Joker in the 80’s, we would of had a God.

ImNoGoth1 1 month ago


This music Still make me feel like Im drowning.

Thescreensaverr 6 hours ago

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