There were a few monumental events in my life lo this past year, and they include but are not limited to (in chronological order): my running the New York City Marathon, my presence at a “classic lineup” reunion show of Guided by Voices in New York City, my wife and I having a baby boy, and my attendance at the first Archers of Loaf reunion show in Brooklyn. The first two happened on the same day. The latter two, thankfully, did not. I hasten to add that obviously these events were not equal in significance. In each, however, I realized that expectations are in fact a bias that, without which, one can do just fine, if not better than anticipated, as in all instances my expectations were exceeded beyond my wildest dreams. It has been, to say the least, a very good year. At any rate, this song tries to encapsulates some of the struggle, exuberance, and, yes, expectation involved. Songs are allowed to be biased. Very biased, indeed.

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