Get Help on Youtube #2. Need Video Ideas!

This is the easiest 18 cents that anyone ever made. As the proud co-owner of the copyright of this song, I’ve tasted a drop of the adrenaline a con man must feel after he’s bid his mark goodbye.

If there was ever a fear that alien hostiles existed and were looking to invade Earth, I would nominate this video as a pacifier to be beamed out into space. It truly sends the message that there’s not much going on here, and it’s probably just as well to move along.

Hosted by: The BFFGirlsShow

Song: A remix of “The Town Fires’, which is the first song I came up with for Get Help.

General thoughts of the clip: majestically unsubstantive. You couldn’t ask for less.

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Comments: 0. Absolutely no video ideas were submitted. The Internet can be a lonely place. Chin up, BFFGirlsShow. Let’s work together again.

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