The Get Help Series Finale

We know your New Year’s resolution is to attend every Get Help show in 2012. It’s ours, too. So we’re going to make it very easy for everyone: there will be only one Get Help show in 2012. Yes, as of the close of show January 6, Get Help will be taking a break from our obligations as rock’s only living supergroup of unknown musicians. It has been a magnificent five and a half years being Get Help, and at some point, or points, in the future, we hope we can reform and resume our land-grabbing ways, even if just for a little while. Maybe we’ll even blog a little. But for now, we’re entreating you to join us for one last hurrah:

Friday, January 6, 9pm
Trash Bar
256 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY

We’re sure we’ve thought of everything, left nothing to chance, and after all, what could possibly go wrong? Thanks for all your support.

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