About Get Help

Get HelpGet Help began as a songwriting project based in New York, comprised primarily of Tony from Boston’s beloved The Beatings, and Mike from NYC’s beloved Microdot. What started out as a simple exchange of mp3s via email evolved, at a glacial pace, into what you see before you today. Mike and Tony still collaborate over the internet, using the latest in typewriter, rotary phone, and semaphore technology. Our best work is done while unconscious from fumes.

This web log is a repository for our demos, outtakes, home recordings, random thoughts, etc.  All of the MP3s here are free for download. We have also posted them in a podcast for easy collection.

Since its inception, Get Help has undergone numerous live configurations, performing as an acoustic guitar/sample pedal duo, an supergroup of heroic proportions with Will, Greg and Dennis from the Midriff Records family, and as a formidable quartet with Will (again) and Dan from the Spanish Armada Soccer Mom.

But it is Get Help’s most recent additions that have been our most triumphant: the tireless Gene D’Avolio on drums, and superhero crimefighter John Van Atta on bass. We perform live regularly, and when we have shows scheduled we will be sure to post them on our blog as far in advance as possible, and bribe as many people as we can to attend them.

Thank you for visiting!