The Summer of Help continues

It’s hot in the city streets, and the city streets are hot. Help yourself to two flavors of Get Help this month:

Tuesday July 17, 9pm PA’s LOUNGE (Band in Boston Residency) Somerville, MA

Our very first show was at the Band in Boston Flophouse, and its necessity mothered some invention; invention which has left an enduring imprint on how we go about writing and playing our songs. So while we may not exactly owe them our first born…um, no. We owe them our first born. Moving on, this concert will feature the full experience: Bill, […]

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Red Jacket Orchards (v2)

Compression is a (the?) wonderful beast. Used incorrectly, it’s a weapon; it’s the metal spatula, squeezing the bejesus out of the already tired-looking chicken about to be laid to rest in a grave of yellow rice at your local Halal truck.

When overused, it’s also a weapon I guess, but something more along the lines of the Death Star. It makes drums sound like surface-to-air missiles. Listen to this version with headphones.

It Begins (Well, Again) (v2)

Get Help has long studied Japanese “just-in-time” management techniques as a model of efficiency. This slightly updated version of It Begins Well grows leaps and bounds over its predecessor, it’s the 15,000 cars in a month that Hunt Stevenson had promised us; all we’ve done is throw in three gallon-drums full of drums and a tub of fuzz guitar. A new song is born, and damn if this isn’t the definitive version.

I had intimated in the previous posting that this song borrowed generously from an already commercially released recording, and all of our listener calls have […]

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Fall-in-Love-to-Song (v2)

A considerable upgrade to the original, done entirely by Mike on live guitar and drums. I had always been quite satisfied with the original guitar lead, which tickled my one-take-takes-all, leave-in-the-dropped-wine-glass, GBV mentality. But Mike apparently had bigger and better ideas, which have since left said mentality under the bookcase with the old Tascam.

It Begins Well

The Loop Station is a great tool for making a Get Help song, which features layers and layers of sound, like so much paint on a 50 year-old building in the East Village…say, mine. Paint so thick that you know the building will never fall.

Starting with a harmonic track that you can kinda hear in the back of the left side of your head, I built all these sounds rather quickly and then set to give them a decent recording. When I was most of the way through, I realize why it came so […]

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The Good Green Earth
Buy or download it now at Midriff Records.