Get Help on Youtube #2. Need Video Ideas!

This is the easiest 18 cents that anyone ever made. As the proud co-owner of the copyright of this song, I’ve tasted a drop of the adrenaline a con man must feel after he’s bid his mark goodbye.

If there was ever a fear that alien hostiles existed and were looking to invade Earth, I would nominate this video as a pacifier to be beamed out into space. It truly sends the message that there’s not much going on here, and it’s probably just as well to move along.

Hosted by: The BFFGirlsShow

Song: A remix of “The […]

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SPF 45 Strikes Again

The powerhouse of our Incidental Music album has found itself once again on the telly, in a commercial for the NBA’s charity, NBA Cares. Enjoy!

SPF 45 (Get Help Gets on TV)

We’re proud to announce that two of our songs, Carne Asada (available on our album) and SPF 45 (available above) will be on the TV! Both songs will appear in the PBS series Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth, episodes “Seattle” (airing this weekend!) and “Mexico”.

This elates those of us at Get Help HQ for several reasons. When Get Help originally kicked off, the idea was to sell jingles and cash in. In pursuit of that end, we named all of our songs after Mexican menu items, a market slam-dunk. It was partly self-effacing, partly laziness, […]

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Warm Gray, Submerged

Perhaps interesting only to me: one of my new year’s resolutions was to organize and compile all the random Garageband tracks I have, born from moments of inspiration, appointed nights of impassioned hackery, and the all-time favorite: drunken, sloven doodling. My filing system is horrid, usually a series of numbers to indicate the date — from which I have discovered my own mild numeric dyslexia — or a “keyword” in the title that I’m sure meant something at the time. As I offload more and more of my brain into my imac, google account, cell phone, and what have […]

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As usual, when you start something with a minimal amount of thought and have no idea as to how it will end, it takes on a life of its own, sinks its claws into you, and won’t let you walk away. This one started as a Yamaha experiment, just cycling through the sound dial and learning what this thing can do, and four days later I’m all looping and panning and eq’ing until two in the morning. It would have been very easy to loops three chords, mess with some knobs, and call it night. But once you save […]

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The Good Green Earth
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