Another product of goofing off at the Yamaha station with a recently purchased RC-20 XL (now with loop fade-out!). This was mostly done using a finger bass setting, and overlaying the same part multiple times through an RV-3 pedal, which generated that weird scratchy sound I find so spooky. Mike swears he’s going to put words to this one and when he does, he can change the name. I don’t think it’s finished by a long shot, but still, people seem to like it. Then again, those people are my friends. Anyways, along with Early Hours this song […]

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The Good Green Earth

Clearing out the backlog with a good old instrumental. After moving to Jersey, I went through some withdrawal from being separated from the 500-channel Yamaha. I compensated by learning Garageband’s software instruments, the musical typing feature, and how to edit its digital “notes”, which increases the amount of potential instrumentation by at least, oh, six hundred bazillion. I spent a few weeks getting nowhere with all the beeps and blips and hip-hop beats and synthy violins, but from it comes some self-made morning-commute music, if nothing else. Only time will tell. To some people, synthy violins are cheesy. […]

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Student of Philosophy

Another instrumental. I moved into my friend Damon’s place in Sunset Park for a while this year, and as a result gained access to his Yamaha DGX220. I think I became as much a piece of furniture as the keyboard itself for a while there. There are about 500+ sounds on that thing, and I am pretty sure that when I moved out I had only five or six more to go.

The strings and the beats are samples from Garageband. Everything else is from the trusty DGX220. The main inspiration was to have something easy on the ears […]

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Cool Gray Oscillating Sequence

In the midst of frustration with a long-premeditated idea that wasn’t coming together, I recorded a D to G transition with a hip-hop drum beat, just to hear something pleasant to my ears. Lo and behold, two weeks and about 40 tracks later, numerous lessons have been learned, about songwriting, computers, panning, and yes, myself. Like we are constantly reminded that the foremost predator on earth is … man … I find it pounded into me time and again that the most spontaneous and least conceptualized ideas usually lead to the most fulfilling results. Also, drop-D is slowly becoming […]

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Salsa Verde

And with a clink of beer bottles in the East Village, Get Help was born. Our initial intent was to craft gossamer wisps of irresistable dittiness for commercial licensing. So of course our first composition together must have a refrigerator compressor as a backing track. Glastender still has yet to call. And we were titling all of our songs after Mexican menu items at the time. As we both evidently order the same thing every time we go to Taco Bell, our naming practice died out soon enough.

The Good Green Earth
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