Get Help on Youtube #2. Need Video Ideas!

This is the easiest 18 cents that anyone ever made. As the proud co-owner of the copyright of this song, I’ve tasted a drop of the adrenaline a con man must feel after he’s bid his mark goodbye.

If there was ever a fear that alien hostiles existed and were looking to invade Earth, I would nominate this video as a pacifier to be beamed out into space. It truly sends the message that there’s not much going on here, and it’s probably just as well to move along.

Hosted by: The BFFGirlsShow

Song: A remix of “The […]

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The Pedestrian Song

I am happy to announce that Get Help is now in possession of its very own Yamaha PSR-E413. What this means to the world at large is probably insignificant, but I find these instruments to be a great source of fun and inspiration. And it keeps me off the streets at night.

This particular tune was written during a drunken jam session with E.R. from The Beatings, a session which also produced this entertaining variant on one of our live favorites. I’m working on getting the synthy […]

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The Fanged Robot

About 8 or 9 years ago, while on tour in the wilds of Tennessee, The Beatings met a young drummer named Robby, who was performing with us at the Pilot Light in Knoxville in a band called Pontius Co-Pilot. Through some miracle we kept in touch and met again on the next major Beatings run, where he opened for us in Louisville and I think was the first person to do a live cover of one of our songs (certainly the first to do one solo). Since then, the Beatings have made (and lost contact […]

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The Good Green Earth
Buy or download it now at Midriff Records.