The Get Help Series Finale

We know your New Year’s resolution is to attend every Get Help show in 2012. It’s ours, too. So we’re going to make it very easy for everyone: there will be only one Get Help show in 2012. Yes, as of the close of show January 6, Get Help will be taking a break from our obligations as rock’s only living supergroup of unknown musicians. It has been a magnificent five and a half years being Get Help, and at some point, or points, in the future, we hope we can reform and resume our land-grabbing ways, even if […]

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Get Help at Fontana’s March 26, RSS, blog song on the radio!

A quick note that we have a live performance coming up this weekend: Saturday, March 26, 9pm Fontana’s 105 Eldridge Street (btw Grand and Broome) New York NY

We will be opening for our buddies in The Fades.

We will be taking the stage at 9pm sharp! Be there, won’t you?

A reminder that you can add our site to your RSS reader, while simultaneously subscribing to our podcast via iTunes, granting you immediate access to all the musical ideas, tire wax jingles and new adventures in reverb we’ve ever felt the […]

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Upcoming Appearances

A quick notice that we’re compiling some live performances in the weeks ahead:

I will be heading to SXSW and performing as a Get Help solo unit at the Midriff Records/Liberty & Union Day Party on March 17. I will also be performing with The Beatings later that same day, all the while trying to resist the temptress that is the $2.00 Texas pint. Hoofa.

But if you can’t make it to Texas, be forewarned that Get Help has a show as a fully functioning four piece unit on Saturday, March […]

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Get Help @ Trash Bar Apr 23

Perhaps we’re getting a little too ensconced in the current news cycle, but nevertheless, we’re going to “play the economy card”, as in:  “in this economy, who can pass up free beer?”

We’re pretty sure we don’t know anyone who can. So if you are within the sound of our voice, please come see us, as we will be imminently performing in real time amid discounted suds:

Thursday April 23, 8pm Get Help @ Trash Bar 256 Grand Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn $6.00

We will be taking the stage at 8pm. Through some miracle of manufacturing we are […]

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Get Help @ Rehab Feb 12

Usually we’re not above the sort of puns that could curdle milk in a glass, but when they’re handed to you like this, even we have think twice. A stale cookie might help, though.

Yes, we’re playing live again, and soon:

Thursday, Feb 12, 9pm Get Help @ Rehab 25 Avenue B New York NY

Rehab, formerly Club Midway, has been our home away from home, even though we really never settled down to begin with. If you’ve seen us play live in New York City, odds are favorable that it was at this fine little joint.

Get […]

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The Good Green Earth
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