The End of the New Country, the album


It is with much pride, conceit, vanity, and egotism that we announce our debut album The End of the New Country will be available on the mighty Midriff Records come Oct 14. Much to our astonishment, The End of the New Country was picked up early by the extremely, extremely intelligent and all-around-awesome Robin Hilton at NPR, who gave it a pretty positive review. Thus spake National Public Radio:

September 8, 2008 – A self-proclaimed “supergroup of unknown [...]

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Let us pray

Get Help will be performing soon, and also imminently:

Saturday, June 28, 9pm The Church 69 Kilmarnock Street Boston, MA 21+, $8.00

We will be performing with our label mates, The Spanish Armada (12am), as well as the fine fellows in Shadwell (10pm) and The Daily Pravda (11pm).

We will also be annexing some ships from the Spanish Armada for a few songs. It has worked quite well in the past, hopefully soon we will have some evidence of that to post for you. Keep the faith.

Everything must go

We have yet another summer performance on the horizon:


Mike and I are about to begin recording the first Get Help album, right after our first annual home run derby picnic. But before that, ten push-ups, and a garage sale fundraiser. How about this deal on an old bathroom scale? Wow. See you there!

The Summer of Help compels you

Just a reminder that we have an imminent live performance on the horizon:

FRI JULY 27 @ 8:00 PM CLUB MIDWAY 25 Avenue B (btw 2nd and 3rd Streets) New York, NY

Another early show. And we are getting very excited about this one; it looks like we will have Shifty Dan and Lazy Thumbs Bill coming down from Boston to join us; they’re gonna make some noise and flesh out the bare bones set Mike and I rehearsed during our recent sightseeing jaunt through Connecticut. Usually Get Help practices via email, so when we can get a [...]

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The Summer of Help continues


It’s hot in the city streets, and the city streets are hot. Help yourself to two flavors of Get Help this month:

Tuesday July 17, 9pm PA’s LOUNGE (Band in Boston Residency) Somerville, MA

Our very first show was at the Band in Boston Flophouse, and its necessity mothered some invention; invention which has left an enduring imprint on how we go about writing and playing our songs. So while we may not exactly owe them our first born…um, no. We owe them our first born. Moving on, this concert will feature the full experience: Bill, [...]

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The Good Green Earth
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