Get Help on Youtube #2. Need Video Ideas!

This is the easiest 18 cents that anyone ever made. As the proud co-owner of the copyright of this song, I’ve tasted a drop of the adrenaline a con man must feel after he’s bid his mark goodbye.

If there was ever a fear that alien hostiles existed and were looking to invade Earth, I would nominate this video as a pacifier to be beamed out into space. It truly sends the message that there’s not much going on here, and it’s probably just as well to move along.

Hosted by: The BFFGirlsShow

Song: A remix of “The […]

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There were a few monumental events in my life lo this past year, and they include but are not limited to (in chronological order): my running the New York City Marathon, my presence at a “classic lineup” reunion show of Guided by Voices in New York City, my wife and I having a baby boy, and my attendance at the first Archers of Loaf reunion show in Brooklyn. The first two happened on the same day. The latter two, thankfully, did not. I hasten to add that obviously these events were not equal in significance. In each, however, I […]

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Get Help on Youtube #1: The Dark Knight

Since Tony and I got ourselves into this licensing game, we’ve discovered that a number of our clips get selected by Youtube posters. To make this blog a little more semi-regular, we’re posting some of the vids that feature Get Help songs.

Let’s kick it off with a clip that was sent to us by Dan Howard. Dan was kind enough to hunt Get Help down after finding this photo montage of Heath Ledger on the set of ‘The Dark Knight’.

Link (posted by batmanjokertwoface):

Song: This is an instrumental, no drums version of ‘All Else Fails’. […]

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I’m proud to present the newest entry to the Get Help catalog; the first song that we’ve finished since the release of ‘The Good Green Earth’. Now that the media hoopla has faded and we’ve completed our exhaustive 2-city tour, it’s exciting to get back to the simple task of writing and recording songs. I ended up spending 4 1/2 months of on-again off-again work on ‘Weightless’.

This song is as much an exercise as it is a song; it’s influenced heavily by Brian Eno’s “On Some Faraway Beach”, which takes a musical idea and repeats it while building […]

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You Should Be Home By Now

The Good Green EarthYou Should Be Home by Now is the 8th track on the 11-song The Good Green Earth. Fourth from the last. The “Deep Cut”. If albums were reefs, you’d have to strap on your snorkel gear and swim underneath to side B where the deep cuts live and thrive. Great, great songs survive for years under there, out of the direct sunlight, accessible to only the […]

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The Good Green Earth
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