Some Press

Mike and I did some interviews recently. They were fun to do, and I think they are fun to read as well.

The first is an article by Jen Kelly that appeared in Popmatters.

The second is an interview I did with Brendan Carroll for the Jersey Journal, a local paper.


Get Help at Fontana’s March 26, RSS, blog song on the radio!

A quick note that we have a live performance coming up this weekend: Saturday, March 26, 9pm Fontana’s 105 Eldridge Street (btw Grand and Broome) New York NY

We will be opening for our buddies in The Fades.

We will be taking the stage at 9pm sharp! Be there, won’t you?

A reminder that you can add our site to your RSS reader, while simultaneously subscribing to our podcast via iTunes, granting you immediate access to all the musical ideas, tire wax jingles and new adventures in reverb we’ve ever felt the […]

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The End of the New Country, the album

It is with much pride, conceit, vanity, and egotism that we announce our debut album The End of the New Country will be available on the mighty Midriff Records come Oct 14. Much to our astonishment, The End of the New Country was picked up early by the extremely, extremely intelligent and all-around-awesome Robin Hilton at NPR, who gave it a pretty positive review. Thus spake National Public Radio:

September 8, 2008 – A self-proclaimed “supergroup of unknown […]

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…and we’re back!

Hello, one and all. We have returned from a (gulp) 8-month exile from the blogosphere. ‘Exile’ might be a bit harsh, as it was more of a sabbatical. A sabbatical where, instead of engaging in travel, study, and/or the betterment of ourselves, we recorded an album. Well, two. Sort of. Whatever it was, exactly, that we did do, it prevented us from posting to our beloved blog, a situation we intend to rectify, right quick. We are, after all, a ‘blog band’, and to our bog, we must bland. We have not been sitting idly on our hands these […]

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Get Help (v2)

I haven’t shown up in these parts for a few months; treat a post from me at our little page with the same incredulity you would a Sasquatch sighting. But there’s some housecleaning to do… In this post Tony introduces the new, (and instantly afterwards) latent feature of the Get Help Remix. In the past few months Tony and I have come to the realization that we never play the same version of a song twice. The typical GH track changes too quickly to call it evolution; mutation is a better way of putting it, or better yet, […]

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The Good Green Earth
Buy or download it now at Midriff Records.