I’m proud to present the newest entry to the Get Help catalog; the first song that we’ve finished since the release of ‘The Good Green Earth’. Now that the media hoopla has faded and we’ve completed our exhaustive 2-city tour, it’s exciting to get back to the simple task of writing and recording songs. I ended up spending 4 1/2 months of on-again off-again work on ‘Weightless’.

This song is as much an exercise as it is a song; it’s influenced heavily by Brian Eno’s “On Some Faraway Beach”, which takes a musical idea and repeats it while building […]

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You Should Be Home By Now

The Good Green EarthYou Should Be Home by Now is the 8th track on the 11-song The Good Green Earth. Fourth from the last. The “Deep Cut”. If albums were reefs, you’d have to strap on your snorkel gear and swim underneath to side B where the deep cuts live and thrive. Great, great songs survive for years under there, out of the direct sunlight, accessible to only the […]

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It’s Only Your Head

The Good Green EarthHere is some new music for you, one of our more favoritest tracks from our forthcoming album, The Good Green Earth. This song can be downloaded here and is also a part of the worthy package of free music that is the new Midriff Records Sampler, which can be downloaded at the Midriff Records site.

This is the rare bird that has not made a previous appearance on the blog in some form or another. And there is a reason […]

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Get Help at Fontana’s March 26, RSS, blog song on the radio!

A quick note that we have a live performance coming up this weekend: Saturday, March 26, 9pm Fontana’s 105 Eldridge Street (btw Grand and Broome) New York NY

We will be opening for our buddies in The Fades.

We will be taking the stage at 9pm sharp! Be there, won’t you?

A reminder that you can add our site to your RSS reader, while simultaneously subscribing to our podcast via iTunes, granting you immediate access to all the musical ideas, tire wax jingles and new adventures in reverb we’ve ever felt the […]

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Upcoming Appearances

A quick notice that we’re compiling some live performances in the weeks ahead:

I will be heading to SXSW and performing as a Get Help solo unit at the Midriff Records/Liberty & Union Day Party on March 17. I will also be performing with The Beatings later that same day, all the while trying to resist the temptress that is the $2.00 Texas pint. Hoofa.

But if you can’t make it to Texas, be forewarned that Get Help has a show as a fully functioning four piece unit on Saturday, March […]

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The Good Green Earth
Buy or download it now at Midriff Records.