Lives we Lead

It’s good to be back!  We had no plans to let this blog languish for as many months as we did.  I hope the time off gave you the impression that we’ve been furiously working on a ever-growing quilt of songs, compositions and structured noise-fray that now bears a slow unfold over the months to come; that our little blog hiatus wasn’t a hiatus at all, or even a retreat, but a mission, a quest to quietly amass. If you didn’t already have that impression, just reread that mouthful of a last sentence until you’re a believer. We’ve been […]

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The Good Green Earth

The Good Green Earth Wow, it has been a long time since we posted something new here, but it has been, aside from our Fail Blog addiction, time well spent. We kicked off 2010 with a blizzard of recording at the magnificent Liberty and Union Recording Co., putting together the tracks that would become our second full-length album, The Good Green Earth. We spent the […]

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SPF 45 Strikes Again

The powerhouse of our Incidental Music album has found itself once again on the telly, in a commercial for the NBA’s charity, NBA Cares. Enjoy!

Far Away Now

It’s hard to believe this band of ours has been around for 4 years now. That’s pretty frickin’ exciting, if you ask me. To ape a Larry David philosophy, I don’t understand all the fuss about the five’s and oh’s and using their increments to celebrate our anniversaries and set up meeting times. What’s wrong with setting up your lunch date on a perfectly good 12 after the hour? So I’m celebrating 4 years like it was, well, 5 years. It’s more than a perfectly good block of time. It’s an administration.

Get Help has seen a “wild ride” […]

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The Pretty Boy with an Ugly Face

I had a dream about this song once. It’s a dream I have from time to time, where the song changes, but the effect it has on my psyche I am sure is invariably the same. I will call it a “songwriter’s dream”, although as far as I know, this is the only supergroup-of-unknown-musicians-with-an-mp3-blog blog to mention such a thing: I am in a supermarket, or an elevator, and instead of having no clothes on, or finding out I am a dead fish wearing oven mitts, what happens is a song comes over the loudspeaker that is all but […]

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The Good Green Earth
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