SPF 45 (Get Help Gets on TV)


We’re proud to announce that two of our songs, Carne Asada (available on our album) and SPF 45 (available above) will be on the TV! Both songs will appear in the PBS series Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth, episodes “Seattle” (airing this weekend!) and “Mexico”.

This elates those of us at Get Help HQ for several reasons. When Get Help originally kicked off, the idea was to sell jingles and cash in. In pursuit of that end, we named all of our songs after Mexican menu items, a market slam-dunk. It was partly self-effacing, partly laziness, [...]

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Yelling Theater


Somewhere in this apartment, on the back of an unused band postcard was a list of 10-12 things to do that I was supposed to do the next morning, no doubt scratched out with a nearby marker found late the night before. Pretty simple stuff. A sample: (1) buy soap, (2) wash dishes, (3) find jeans (4) finish new song.

The first three are confidently crossed-out with a much more indelible marker, but #4 was going to take a little more time. By design, of course–items 5-12 would require some serious effort, and we procrastinators make lists like this [...]

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Big Mistake


It’s been a really nice summer. Not too hot. A bit more rain than usual, but that hasn’t hurt anyone. Down in Virginia where my parents live, they finally got the lawn green. I don’t know how the tomatoes came out, but the string beans from their garden were absolutely delicious.

I cat-sat this weekend. He sleeps 18 hours a day, yet can effortlessly jump 4 feet into the air onto a windowsill between the 5″ gap between the window bars. We had a rousing game of shoelace, which he won.

I rode the Cyclone at Coney Island [...]

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Crooked Streets


Getting a new song in under the buzzer, and on the tree of life, it’s a tortoise. Or perhaps, a glacier. Something about the continental crawl of this one resonates with me. It came about from some lazy playing, putting the capo bar all over the neck of the guitar, rambling into the mic, dropping from F to F minor. I really need to change my strings.

Anyways, sometimes you’re a big rush to get somewhere, sometimes, you’re definitely not. Sometimes you don’t think it’s ever gonna see the light of day, and sometimes, it definitely don’t. Once [...]

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I Guess, But You Know


Finally, something new for the blog. But we have not entirely been sitting on our buttocks lo these many weeks. As enjoyable as that activity might be, we’ve been working on our live act. Our handful of loyal readers know that Get Help’s recent history saw the induction of Gene and Brian into the band, thus ending our long-distance, illicit affair with Will and Dan from Boston’s Spanish Armada. I also got married to a lovely gal and had a wedding and a honeymoon on a faraway island and all that stuff. Somehow amidst the transitioning of these [...]

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